$11.2 Million Verdict Won

Brain Injury Case

In this case Mr. DiFranco's client was a passenger in a car which began being chased by an unmarked Evanston police department vehicle. In an effort to escape the unmarked vehicle, the driver of the pursued vehicle crashed his car causing multiple injuries to Mr. DiFranco's client, including a fractured jaw, fractured vertebrae, a collapsed lung, and permanent brain injuries. The brain injuries resulted in cognitive deficits, lapses of memory, and lack of thought organization. Despite the City of Evanston's denial of willful and wanton conduct and denial of violating the police general order regarding police pursuits, Mr. DiFranco succeeded in winning an 11.2 million dollar verdict for his client.

$5.2 Million Verdict Won

Wrongful Death Case

This case arose out of an unfortunate situation that occurred when Mr. DiFranco's client's son was found unresponsive. The father called 911 and Park Ridge paramedics were dispatched. When they arrived at the family's home they observed a teen that was conscious and breathing, and they left without proper examination. Later that morning, the father found his son unconscious and blue. Paramedics were called again and the son was transported to the hospital, but he never regained consciousness. What exactly transpired during the paramedic's first trip was heavily disputed and became the crux of the lawsuit filed by Mr. DiFranco's client. The original case was dismissed by the Illinois Appellate Court, however the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the decision and the case was ultimately tried. A jury awarded a verdict in favor of Mr. DiFranco's client in the amount of $5,187,500.00.

$1.5 Million Verdict Won

Sexual Assault Case

In this case an intruder entered Mr. DiFranco's client's apartment allegedly with a master key. There was a struggle with the intruder in the victim's bedroom as he fondled her, tried to take off her clothing, pulled her hair, and punched her. The victim's roommate heard her scream, ran into the room, and the assailant then fled. Mr. DiFranco's client suffered facial injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and major depression disorder. Mr. DiFranco's investigation disclosed that despite the fact that the intruder worked for the landlord defendant's, and that there were seven prior incidents of someone using a master key to access apartments, the landlords did not change the locks or collect the outstanding master keys. Mr. DiFranco's efforts on his client's behalf resulted in a 1.5 million dollar jury verdict for his client.

$1.2 Million Verdict Won

Personal Injury Case

In this case Mr DiFranco's client and his girlfriend were arguing outside the LaSalle Bank on Harlem Avenue when an armed security guard exited the bank building and told Mr. DiFranco's client to leave the area. Mr. DiFranco's client told the guard to mind his own business. As Mr. DiFranco's client turned to walk away the security guard shot him. Mr. DiFranco's client suffered 6 gunshot wounds resulting from the single bullet traveling thorough his left thigh, through his scrotum, and then through his right thigh. Despite the bank's contention that there was a struggle for the gun and it discharged accidentally during the struggle, and Mr. DiFranco's client was contrubutorily negligent for swearing, spitting and struggling for the gun, Mr. DiFranco won a 1.2 million dollar verdict for his client.