DiFranco & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law exhausts every avenue to prevent you from going to jail if you have been arrested.

Immediately upon being retained, we subpoena all the relevant materials from the law enforcement agency that arrested you. We draft a Motion for Discovery so that the Court orders the State to provide us with police reports, arrest reports, any video or audio associated with the case, and any other relevant material that we identify from our initial consultation. After reviewing all the evidence that the State intends to use against you, we can devise an appropriate strategy to resolve the matter. Motions to Suppress Evidence and Quash Arrest are other tool we use to minimize the "proof" the State thinks they possess. These tactics ensure that your defense to a criminal charge is the best possible result for you, not the State and not the police.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of how the criminal justice system works. Mr. DiFranco was an Assistant State's Attorney, and Mr. Lykowski is a retired Assistant State's Attorney.