Successfully Challenging DUI Charges

While every DUI arrest presents different challenges, it is possible to overcome a drunk driving charge. The police officer may not have had probable cause to stop your vehicle. The officer may have conducted the field tests and subsequent breath test improperly. The breath test machine may not have worked properly. When the officer reaches the witness stand, we may be able to successfully impeach or challenge the officer's testimony.

When we take a DUI case at DiFranco & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law, we examine every detail of the case - the stop, the field tests, the arrest, and the breath testing - looking for ways to successfully challenge the charge. Sometimes the State's case is strong, and it makes sense to obtain the most favorable plea agreement possible. In other situations, through diligent representation and strong advocacy it is possible to overcome drinking and driving charges.

The Effects of A DUI Charge Are Manageable

At DiFranco & Associates, we handle all types of drinking and driving cases, ranging from first-time DUI/DWI charges to third and fourth time offenses and drunk driving accident cases. As former prosecutors for the State of Illinois, our lawyers prosecuted hundreds of drunk driving cases. We saw the mistakes that some police officers made in their court testimony. We saw how some DUI attorneys were able to defeat the prosecution's arguments and overcome the charges. We now put this knowledge and experience to work for our clients.

We tell our clients that a DUI charge is manageable - that with assertive and knowledgeable representation the worst consequences of a charge can usually be avoided in most cases. DiFranco & Associates is always results-oriented. In every case we work to obtain the very best possible outcome for our clients through assertive, informed, and diligent representation.